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Moving Beyond Physical Fitness


Movement learned is motion made automatic.

Whether a cyclist or cheerleader, data entry clerk or dentist, fashion model or dog groomer, the movements we repeat over and over, day by day, eventually come to define and limit us. When injured, shocked, or traumatized, we instantly adapt to minimize pain and maximize control. These unconscious adaptations become the limps, postural contortions, and physical constrictions we know only too well.

Our ability to move automatically is a blessing and a curse.  Moving without thinking – breathing, buttoning a shirt, maintaining balance while gesturing – both frees our mind and divides us from our bodies. Once the autopilot takes over, it’s often frustratingly difficult to update our movement programming to change how we act and react.

Feldenkrais lessons are a methodology for breaking through this automaticity of action. Each lesson is an adventure in mindful motion, revealing yet another of our inherent capabilities for easy action.

The workshop MOVING BEYOND PHYSICAL FITNESS was taught by movement scientist, author, pioneering practitioner and trainer, Larry Goldfarb, Ph.D.

Recorded in Madrid, June 2012